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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  February 23, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> to serve men, it's a cook book.
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♪ >> no, no! hey, no! neil: yeah, a cook book, but it's too late, or is it? forget about selecting from the health care menu, we are on the menu. ♪ welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto, and what is it with all the republican governors marching like zombies into what looks like a federal health care abyss? rick scott in florida, jan brewer in arizona, for various reasons essentially doing the same thing. the cost of fighting, particularly this whole medicaid thing is over the top. now, i feel the pain, but if they think it is better to switch than fight, may i harken back to the famous episode and say is there about to be road
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kill on a plate? to quote rod, if we were around to see all of this, picture if you will one republican governor lining up after another convinced boarding this rocket ship to hell means they can at least enjoy the stars. trust me, once they see the cost of caving, they'll be seeing stars because this grand, wonderful, medicaid expansion rise is not so. in that zone, turns out, the loving aliens were not giving humans a hell of a trip, but seasoning them up as the main course on a dish. the added insult here is the governors are paying for that dish because far from saving their state's money as the president of the law insists, the cost of this budget busting banquet have merely been pushed on to them, not immediately, but, trust me, quickly, but by then, they are a million miles away on a rocket ship, and, well, the rest of us are just
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stuck in deep. those watching this unfold in livi color, we have washington watching extraordinary david with us as well. doctor, what are they getting into they don't know they are getting into, or maybe they do and they are not saying. >> well, thank you for having me back. this is so critical, obamacare, shortening the lives of patients to lengthen the lives of medicare and medicaid. it is a disaster. it is the implementation of the march towards single payer, and who would want any resident of their state to be on medicaid? medicaid is mountains of literature have shown that patients on medicaid have worse health care outcomes than any health insurance program in the
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developed world so they are selling out. they are intimidated, and i fear that if we the patient versus politicians who are motivated by money and power and self-preservation. neil: david, to that point, small business guys on the front line of this stuff, they feel that, well, better we have input in the system, better the skyrocketing costs we deal with in our state for medicaid, the feds save us some money with this so it sounds tantalizing much like that too good to be true in the trip to the stars episode, are they entering their own twilight zone, is that the risk? >> they could, neil. there's extraordinary amount of pressure, and up like washington, they don't have a
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federal reserve to buy bonds and print money. they are trying to weigh the costs, costs and benefits of dealing with the federal government. should they take money to have it to use because if they don't, are they having bumming tear pressures later and on the hook anyway? one of the interesting things i found here is that republican governors we think of as potential presidential candidates in 2016 are not lining up to do this. some of the conservatives stall warts in ohio, like rick scott have decided to go with this, and, in part, there's an argument. it's the law of the land. the repeal effort failed, and they will be responsible for their con stitch we wants health care whether they like it or not, and they are opting to try to have more control. it doesn't take away from the argument you make, ultimately, they saddle their taxpayers with billions and billions in the
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forthcoming years, and that it's not, you know, by any means a bargain, and this is where we're going to have to sort of see how it plays outs, and, in fact, will the voters get upset about this? neil: read my mind, will the voters be annoyed? david, it's you on the front line trying to run businesses of your own, of couse, you have a successful bakery establishment, but you keep getting pipped all -- pinned all the time by this stuff. you'll have medicaid as well, you know. >> oh, yeah, it's four speed, that's the section you didn't look in. yeah, my gut feeling is they crawl in bed with the devil. it's a tool with the federal government that comes back in the next year or two to say, well, we give you money, but we're not going to pay for this or knee replacements for anybody over 75 on and on. neil: near term savings, but get gouged later on. >> you know it. that's essentially the boat
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we're in right now. you know, the government tells you we are saving money, but it's funny, the only way we save money is that we either have to increase the deductibles and decrease what the insurances pay out on. that's the only way to save min. you know, it's typical government logic. neil: doctor, to your point, on the front lines of caring for folks like us, if you can with everything they throw at you, we might gewhat we paid for, the medicaid itself is a dicey proposition, but, especially, blanketed out on folks with questionable quality increases and coverage. man, oh, man, this could get to be thorny. >> well, it really is frightening because medicaid, while there's adismal care, no access to doctors. doctors drop out of it like flies. there's a exorbitant price tag. the more people on medicaid, the higher people on private
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insurance premiums go. there's a double-edged sward, and we need to have people -- we don't need to swell the masses of the poor and have increased safety net. change our policies so that we have more people having good private insurance, then we'll have competition in the private market. neil: yeah, premiums are going through the roof, and i think, david, back to the notion that the governors figure, look, we -- this is the law of the land. we don't flip over it, but we certainly want to say in how it's implemented. i understand that, but they are signing on to the bargain it sounds to me. >> well, they are. that's one of the reasons rick scott has tried to sell this by saying he'd agree to do it for three years. it has to be reuped by the state legislature who has to approve this because in the coming years, the federal government's going to pay less and less of the tab of the medicaid expansion, and i think part of what's going to determine how
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this goes and how these governors fair in t minds of their volters is as the doctor said, as suggested, getting more and more doctors dropping out of medicare and medicaid. are these premiums going to go up? people start asking questions in terms of everybody who's cooperated with the affordle care agent in one form or the other. in the meantime, there's nothing more than other than having to cut sources by refusing it that governors can really do because if they don't accept the expansion, if they don't accept running the exchanges from the state level, the federal government's coming in to do it anyway. it's not like you block obama care from taking place in your neil: you might like like it, but get used to it. what do you say? >> oh, i understand. here's your lemon, how sweet can you make it? that's what we are forced with. to reduce 30% increase on the policy coming up for families, for us, we had to go in and
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manipulate deductibles, manipulate what's available. we even had to take -- remove ourselves from the local hospital chapes because they pay -- they charge more than the insurance policy is willing to pay for so, i an, this -- obamacare is a book of rules, but nobody knows how to live within them, and, you know, the states are forced with it, no doubt about it, but it's not going to be free, folks. neil: the state ship left the planet. thank you, all, very much. oscar for best actor goes to? look at that, washington. they act like the economy thrives, but news today, it could be diving. automatic cuts around the corner, but the white house says it is calm. the guy at the receiving end of the blow saying democrats are as calm as the union guys who hit him. him. don't believe them. this is $100,000.
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neil: look up. over much of the country, it's the same story. a massive snowstorm slamming a good chunk of the country, but one week before the automatic cuts are set to kick in, the new york new york say -- the "new york times" says the president and democrats are calm in the budget storm and kicking their feet up. the headline says it all. for obama and team, calm, not crisis, similar mewlated fiscal battle. the times has not had to listen to them. >> our country's less safe and communities' less safe as a result of sequester. >> federal probation prosecutoro close cases anlet criminals go. >> furloughs of air traffic controllers, border patrol. >> air traffic controllers and airport security will see cutbacks. >> thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off.
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neil: comedian says the union guys who hit him are calmer. you know, it it does defie the impression that the times and others leave that, hey, everyone is calm, but the words speaking about, hell to come, i don't know, i mean, i hear about hundreds of thousands of mentally ill patients who won't get their meds so they are lose on the streets and coming to my front door. there's talks that meat inspectors go so i'll eat mr. it. it doesn't look like a calm environment to me. something's not jiving. >> i appreciate you show me being punched in the face every time i come on the show. neil: a subliminal message. i have no idea. >> like having nam flashbacks when i come on. all right, here's the thing, this administration, are they scared? yes, i certainly agree with you
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there, things are not easy, but i don't think they are as scared as they should be, barack obama knows the media carries the heavy water for the administration. they are in the back pocket and come police -- come police sit. he kno that. i'm not saying they want to be in the cocktail parties or ladies of "the view," and i'm not saying brian williams wants to be his girlfriend, but what i'm saying is that he's so considerateble here with the media he's allowed to rest his head more easily than he should, breathe easier because the relationship with the media is so cozy. he's more comfortable than he should be. is he scared? yeah. the media should put the fear of god in him. neil: i think they should check the fear of god rhetoric coming out of him. if you look at what's comical here, and, of course, i bow to you on all things funny because you are funny and smart, but, i mean, if you think about it, what's comical is the $85 billion we talk about, i take
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away no pain from this, but in the scheme of the 3.8 trillion dollar budgets, a $16 trillion debt, i mean, when we are likening that to, you know, arm -- armageddon, what do woe do when this has to get serious? >> right. it's like sean hannity finding a 20 in an old jacket. who cares. what's $20 to him? it's important -- neil: steve, as cheap as they come, cheap, cheap, cheap. >> really? make sure we circulate that so everybody knows. i think to get back to the first point that it's important, you talk about how the administration tryings to act. they try to act like they are not afraid. all is come, all is well. listen, barack obama is a celebrity president, okay? how a guy in this position abandoning the post and playing 18 holes, that's what he does, goes to what he knows best. neil: i mention this on the
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show, and you know it well, but if you knew mr. president, all this hell was to come, the threat of eating mr. ed stuff, mental patients on the streets like zombies. surely, surely you would not have gone golfing at all, that would be the last thing on the schedule. >> that's the thing. look at woods and obama playing, effect sply both professional golfers if you look at it that way. barack obama is -- i mean, there's so many things to do, but bottom line is his biggest supporters are celebrities and actors, a celebrity president. the black eyed peas would have sung about him. he texted scarlett johason. neil: like you haven't. >> i wish i had her on speed dial. their professional fakers, fake, play pretend, read lines they didn't write that they likely don't understand or convince an audience otherwise.
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neil: what about people who read lines and get it right? >> exactly. neil: finish your thought. >> well, barack obama, at the end of the day, as his actor pals, professional liars. barack obama is a great actor, a horrible president. neil: you know, steven, i had fun just professionally getting to know you, watch you, it's been fun. let's get together soon. i don't know if comedian is the right description, but provocateur is a good one. remember when we told you with americans taxes facebook not paying, but it's worse than what mitt romney thought. >> these are the people who pay >> these are the people who pay no income tax, 47% of americans look, if you have copd like me,
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neil: there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. there's 47% who are with him who are dependent upon government. neil: you'll never guess who is ecstatic that tape was released, jimmy carter, yeah, he claims that president obama profusely thanked his grandn, jimmy carter's grandson in releasing the video putting him over the tom, and it did. here's what's over the top. it's kind of true. the culture mitt romney was talking about is now coming back to remind all americans that mitt was right. she's thankful that mitt romney exposed it. i don't think mitt romney was exposed the way it was exposed, but, anyway, joins me with jonas and wayne rogers. explain. you have a good point. >> the makers and takers point rt hard on the ears talking about that, but i get thatment you know, we want to take care
6:24 pm
of the poor, but what happened we had an honest conversation about who pays taxes in the country, what it takes to fund the u.s. government, the fact that the rich really do pay a lot in the way of taxes more than their fair share -- neil: apparently not enough. >> apparently not enough. listen to this important, really interesting information that's coming out from economists. they say it's really hard once you get government benefits to get off because you lose food stamps once you get a job, lose housing assistance, and so there is basically a call cue louse that people who did on the government bill, they say, look, we're going to lose money. we'll stay with the government rather than getting a job. those important debates happen right now in a time, of course, when we're in fiscal duress. neil: wane rogers, a lot of big companies pay no taxes at all. last year, ge finding out it didn't pay any taxes, but now we found it with names like linked in and a host of others, including facebook, but whatever
6:25 pm
their enterprise is and gazillion dollar enterprises and rates like they don't pay a dime. this situation is worse than we thought; right? >> not just that, neil, but as you said, a lot of the tax incentives were begin for the purpose of incentivizing something. they don't work, and they -- neil: insent vise not to pay taxes. >> yeah, and ge was really ide yachtic. when you think that jeffrey was the president's appointee to head the commission of job creation, and he's not -- the whole thing is out of control, totally out of control. there's no dealing with it. >> you know, i thought -- i told people, the left or right, this was the week we had the reverberations of howard dean remarks if you want the government you have, and a lot of people like big government, get a lot more money for it, and it's going beyond the rich that
6:26 pm
liz eluded to, to the middle class. now, he had the guts to say after the election, i have to point out, there was not anyone at the white house or powers to be in the united states senate saying it's right, isn't it? >> yes, because 47% of the can't not pay taxes and get benefits. more than 47% of the country gets benefits, and almost 100% get something between social security, medicare, public schools, ect.. neil: howard is right? >> he's right, if you're not going to cut programs, widen the tax base. the recent tax increases are not enough. 47% of the country is not poor. that's an important statement. if it's the case to help the poor, half of the country is not poor, quite frankly. mitt romney was not the person to deliver the message. he's in a country club and not the guy to say that, it is an
6:27 pm
important message. we need somebody who is not super rich to say it so we believe it. neil: extend it, wait a min, what happened to the country with the breaks and allowances? older americans, soldiers and the like who are -- technically part of the group. i just wonder how it got to the point where when e were in the school, it was in the 20s and now it's 50%. something's out of sync there. to add insult to injury here, and could be putting republicans on the defensive, how many corporations dodge the tax man. doesn't that beg for a simpler, more incluesive tax code, period? >> it does. the reason they don't pay taxes, corporations, because the tax code is a 2 # -- 21st search ri pork barrel nobody says it is. they will drill in the loopholes because thaw have political constituents paying the money. back to the other thing about who we are as a country and
6:28 pm
whether or not our identity as a country is turning into, you know, a mature european country, just 73 million baby boomers retiring, and the real falsehood there in the media is that the democrats have a monopoly on compassion. only the democrats care about the poor. no, the g.o.p. cares about the poor. they want to rescue and protect and preserve these programs to help the poor and elderly. something, the guy who really helped create the earned income tax credit, governor reagan in 1972 #, he said, yes, help the poor with credits and testimony before congress. that's what we're saying, honesty in the debates. neil: you mentioned reagan, and wayne, quickly, before the producers go nuts, and i understand, he wanted to close loopholes and special breaks allowing companies and inviduals to dodge the tax man because just paraphrasing here, at the time, you said everyone should have essentially skin in the game. very few in the country do. that's the problem.
6:29 pm
>> not just that, neil. something else is going on. they assume there's a pie, and the pie doesn't get bigger, and once the pie is cooked, you can't cut it. they belly ache and it grows without a budget, and you can't cut that or that. the word "need" is always used, and -- so just don't let the pie grow. pal, you cut it. i think the sequestering is a good idea. cut it across the board. if you can't find a way to cut it, we cut it for you. neil: small cut in the scheme of things, but your thoughts? >> we have a small government tax code for 90% of the country. it doesn't take a lot. republicans are the reason why there's been a growth at the bottom end. the, pangs of the chide credits led to those not paying federal income tax, and, yet, we have the benefits program of norway
6:30 pm
and sweden, but they have, you know, there's higher taxes and a high -- essentially one who doesn't pay income tax that collects revenue to support the government programs. neil: worry with that is an added tax doesn't mean another tagoes away. >> people don't pay income tax, there has to be another tax. neil: something, something, something. guys, don't wander far. we'll get back to you later in the show. they are selling is the time to start worrying. tech legend on why there is, indeed, a lot to worry about [ male announcer ] how can power conmption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain,
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neil: stocks on a roll, but billionaires are bailing. warren buffet cut the stake in sciewrm -- consumer products, and george sorros selling a million shares in bank stocks. the man who founded java, scott, what the heck is going on here? scott, glad to have you. you saw it coming saying those with money would be voting with their money whatted to do, and in an environment like this, they are doing more than hedging their bets. what's going on? >> well, first of all, thanks for the compliment, but i'm not a billionaire or close. neil: i say that because many and i who listen -- no, kidding, well, you're successful.
6:34 pm
lee it at that. go ahead. >> yeah. i had a lot billionaire buddies. there's five categoryings of areas that are scaring folks who would normally invest in u.s. equities. number one, everybody talks about the debt, quantitative easing which is tning, you know, qe2 turnedded into our titanic fiscally. neil: the fed is backing away from that, scott, so maybe they are concerned about that as well or no? >> well, that means they know inflation's coming like a freight train, and anything nominated in u.s. dollars, assets or icome streams are devalued. it's a tax on every asset on income stream in the u.s. dollars, and, by the way, i call that trickle up poverty, and it's a big deal, and investing in u.s. equities, destroying the buying power and, unfortunately, it's very regressive because it doesn't destroy my lifestyle, but it destroys the bottom half, the middle class, their lifestyle is destroyed. my parents' lifestyle and nest
6:35 pm
eggs are getting destroyeded by this qe, quantitative easing. it's a disaster, and i think smart investors are saying, hey, the race to the bottom, the currency race to the bottom is not a place to be. that's one thing, the second thing is ha -- neil: i know you look at what's going on in the market aggregates and racing to a new high on the dow soon. you know that's back to where we were five or six years ago, so technically a new high, but back to five years >> it's a shallow bubble. neil: taking money off the sidelines, billionaires, successful guys, millionaires, what have you, saying i'm not trapped in this thing. are they right? >> it's a bubble. nobodiments in -- nobody wants in a bubble when it pops. who gets nailed is main street, not wall street. neil: what do you see happening? what's going on in our country? >> well, well, i think there's an enormous amount of bad policy. you know, they argue about
6:36 pm
raising minimum wage, if i'm an inveor in the u.s., that's the wrong thing to do, driving up trickle up poverty, more unemployment, and the economic war of the u.s. versus other countries when people are out of work is just a disaster. obama care is driving an enormous amount of under employment, outsourcing, that sort of thing, the con cement of are we redistribution society or are we going to just take care of the safety net? what percentage subpoena on -- is on the safety net? 1% or 50 million food stamp people in the battle here on capitalism versus socialism. people don't like to talk abt it, but i think big time investors would rather invest in societies moving towards capitalism. we're on a freight train rdling towards 50% of the gdp in the public sector, and that's not what i would call a strong capitalist society. you know, that drives this third
6:37 pm
issue that's g to scare anybody looking at it in that huge chunks of the economy, i call it health care education, housing, and insurance are all being taken over and dominaed and moved out of the private sector into what i call the government sector, and the government sector, everybody knows they operate effectively and corruptly leading me to another issue. the u.s. economy and government used to be the model of lack of corruption. when you look at what we have with government sector unions, that is inherently corrupt. you look at pork barrel spending, and it is the definition of "corruptness," and they call it crony capitalism. i call it cronny governmentalism, and if you look at things like slyndra those are the poster child for that. finally, i think the leadership in this country and no disrespect -- i love my country, i'm, you know, i'm very patriotic and invested american,
6:38 pm
but the leadership here is just not sometng that i respect. the deviciveness, the rhetoric, the noise, all the rest of it. i guess i'm just a raging capitalist who believes in small government, less regulation, personal responsibility, and lack of victimization, and we don't need more than half of the country being handled by the safety net which is basically not a safety net. it's a -- it's a velcro. it's fly people. we need a trampoline forthe bottom one, two, or three personality, not a velcro dependency net for more than half of the country. i -- i look at all of that, and i'm no different than any other investing. u.s. equities, when you're moving the direction that we're moving as a country is just not a place to be. there are better currencies and better geographies to go invest in. neil: we might be seeing that going on behind the scenes as we
6:39 pm
speak. scott, very good seeing you, my friend. thank you very much. >> thank you. neil: all right, scott. we might call this is cavuto quiz moment, what's happening? pigs flying? top obama official praising grover norquist. grover norquist. he to grow, we have to boost our social media visibility. more "likes." more tweets. so, beginning today, my son brock and his whole team will be our new senior social media strategists. any questions? since we make radiator valves wouldn't it be better if we just let fedex help us to expand to new markets? hmm gotta admit that's better than a few "likes." i don't have the door code. who's that? he won a contest online to be ceo for the day. how am i supposed to run a business here without an office?! [ male announcer ] fast, reliable deliveries worldwide. fedex. riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade.
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>> unfortunately, the state department doesn't have our own grove norquist pushing a pledge to protect it. neil: i think that's a compliment. it was not pigs flying or hell freezing over, but it was john kerry. john kerry giving a shoutout to frequent white house contribute ire grover norquist in the first speech as secretary of state. the watchdog here to respond. grover, what he's essentially saying is no one is kind of policing us, but what did you
6:42 pm
think of the back handed compliment? >> senator kerry, originally from massachusetts prior to immigrating to the united states -- [laughter] i talked to kerry, and he understands the protection pledge. he was trying to get taxes raised in 2011 with president obama, and he found he couldn't because republican said they made the commitment in writing not to raise taxes. they confuse the commitment by elected officials never to raise taxes with me. i share the pledge with people, but the power of the pledge and tax issue is independent of me personally, but sometimes people, grover, tax issue, i understand what he met. the tax issue is powerful. the state department needs to focus on what america does well, profit rights, rule of law. we should be exporting property rights, not money. neil: yeah, well, we are
6:43 pm
exporting money. the a lot of millionaires and billionaires ship it out of here to there. i want you to weigh in on, if you don't mind, the sequster thing. my view on the subject, and i don't know what yours is, but $85 billion in the scheme of things is chump change and scarying the bejesus that we'll bring us back to the dark ages if they go through. first of all, both parties agreed, in fact, it waa the president's original concoction, 85 trillion in a 3 trillion budget, if that's the beginning of the end of the world, i don't know what happens when we have to get serious. >> well, i think it's very helpful because this is budget cutting on training wheels. this is not serious budget cutting. it's budget cutting on training wheels. it's the beginning of reducing the overspending of the last decade, plus. neil: not great on the training wheels leading me to believe ultimately taking them off is tough, if not impossible. >> i think we have to go through a year ortwo where we have
6:44 pm
minor -- this is a 2% cut in spending over the ecade. we're going to save one trillion on -- from a federal budget which over the next ten years -- spend 45 billion -- trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, t's, t's. 25 trillion. neil: more than we do now? shaving that, but we're not cutting the overall debt, but go ahead. >> right. it's a small cut. what we are learning that we can get -- we can do this. we have to figure out how to do more. what we're also learning is that obama acts like a small child who's been hurt, you know, when you try to fix it, he screams bloody murder while you're trying to fix the problem. his reaction to a small budget cut is to faint and scream and have a hissy-fit. what we've to do is learn to ignore his screams of anguish reforming the government she's so badly damaged over the last
6:45 pm
four years. neil: worried about whether it's too late, though? we've shown little resolve to rain it in. the president more or less gave up on that, evidence in the state of the union speech, he's really, i think, gone over the top on the scare tactics with this cut. by the way, the other side has not wowed me wit taking vacation with this, as i understand, that, you know, this is better than getting tax hikes in there, but neither side gives me much, you know, encouragement here. >> well, i think the american people understand that spending has gone too far. we need to bring it back. it was, again, it was the president's idea to do the sequester. it's not the most elegant way to cut spending -- neil: but it's a way. >> one way. it's better to cut it this way than to not begin the prosises of reducing spending. wherever the president went to grade school, he learnedded addition, but in the
6:46 pm
subtraction, and he finds is easy to add to the budget, and he just gets confused when you talk to him about spending less. it just gsh he's never heard the concept. neil: yeah. i think he knows the concept well. i just think he doesn't want to hear about it. >> yeah, that's it. neil: grover, always a pleasure, good seeing you. >> good to be with you. neil: a homeless guy suing his parents because they didn't show him enough love. >> i'm sorry, just behave. >> i loveyou, mo
6:47 pm
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♪ neil: well, love stinks, and so does getting sued. 32-year-old bernard bay is suing
6:50 pm
his parents for not loving him enough blaming them for being lousy parents. i read this and think of my own kids. if any of you pull this -- anyway, that's why he's homeless. the attorney says they had no case, but another disagrees. it's zero case on this in >> no basis to sue your parents at 32 years old for any abuse or any lack of love. if he were underage and there was abuse, of course, there's remedial measures, measure where -- neil: what's he claiming on part of the abuse? going out on his own? >> claiming he's homeless and can't work because he was abused and because of the abuse, he's dysfunctional and can't get a job saying step dad, sell a piece of rayless -- real estate so we can buy dominoes franchises so i can work. get a regular b or put yourself through -- if he has
6:51 pm
psychological problems, we're not demeaning them, but he needs to get help for them, not sue his parents for what really doesn't make much sense. neil: by the way, it was well and good with the arrangement, the alleged abuse notwithstanding, until they said the gig's up, but having said that, do you think he does have a bit of a case? explain? >> parents provide food, clothing, housing for the children. neil: doesn't that stop at 18? >> well, and he's actually alleging these abuses and this neglect was far reaching and has lasted throughout his life so from the time that he was a child up through the current day, now he's 32, and maybe at this point at 32 #, that could be a little bit far flung, but it's if a parent doesn't meet bayic needs, i think there's
6:52 pm
grounds for recovery, and he says that he has -- neil: you're kidding me, these are those who hook up with any my daughters. >> i hope not. neil: and live in your place. what do you do -- you're the judge, hearing this case, it's gone to that point, what kind of stuff are you looking to see? >> as a judge in this case, i think a brooklyn supreme court judge, and i practice in brooklyn, i know a lot of the judges. i think, honestly, they take -- they'll be sad for him, but they'll ask him to go through a psychological ealuation, and i think they try to push him towards getting some sort of help with his problems. neil: that might confirm well enough, and that might reenforce the argument that he might have a case because the parents -- >> let me address that then. >> i think so. >> if ey made the case, their only obligated until he's 18. the statute of limitations op personal injury action in new
6:53 pm
york state is maximum three years, contract action six years. he doesn't meet the statute of limitations no matter what. from 32 years old, if they were obligated, not saying they were, but until 18, he has a very large difference in time. he would have -- the statute's past. this clause -- it's past for him. it's past for him. neil: i go back, lord rest my parents, wonderful parents, but my father, i had all a's on my card, but one b. he focused on the b. everybody can say whatever ails them is as a result of something done to them by a horrible mother and father who -- who somehow put them in this bind. it is stupid. >> ut -- but there are very many instances where a child suffers, abuse, neglected -- neil: but then why at 32?
6:54 pm
at 32, obviously, he has enough wherewithall to say, hey, the gravy train is ending. >> the facts of this particular case may not be as great as some other particular facts, maybe for somebody who s 18 years old, but there is a legal basis for some action or inaction that parents may have done to a child. neil: kids, if you are watching at home, don't think about it. all right. now either one of my favorite places is facing a hit. the olive garden warning tax the olive garden warning tax hikes is the hit at a dry cleaner, the olive garden warning tax hikes is the hit we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7,
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>> look out. neil: that's because it was not real. okay. so, now, jonas, here's what my fear is with all of this is that
6:59 pm
no one should be surprised when people are used to getting a break and the break is taken adon't spend as much, but there's reverberations beyond the break. >> some think it's a tax increase. >> they forgot the old level and it's like a tax hike that is psychological damming. neil: we should be like that 3 #-year-old and sue. >> shows how immediate a tax cut and increase, particularly for the first hundred grand of income or so, is on spending, certainly for retailers to the point where it shows i was not for it either because of the problems with the social security being broke, but -- neil: weird and awkward. were on the same team on that puppy. >> this one instantaneous, up like the stimulus of the debate and the car thing, this or that -- >> but the fact that compa


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